Remembrance (November)

This autumn there are many opportunities to get involved in outreach projects, supporting our communities in Ferndale and Gorse Hill. Please be encouraged to get involved… let’s show and share God’s abundant love, care and concern to many in our communities who might be struggling and need a sign of God’s hope.

Why not design or decorate a poppy to hang from your window from Remembrance Sunday (8th November) to Armistice Day (11th November)? This will remind our communities that we as a benefice are remembering those who died in both world wars and all wars since. Feel free to send a photo to Revd Cathy for the benefice magazine, or share on whattsapp group.

Christmas Baubles (December)

After a successful Teddy Bear project for the schools (it’s been absolutely wonderful receiving the ‘Thank You’ cards and letters from Ferndale and Poppies schools)… we are now turning our focus to our Christmas project. We are keen to encourage those on our electoral roll and Messy Church families who are not accessing our activities. So, the invitation is to create a bauble for a Christmas tree… it can either be a crafty one, or a pom pom. My estimation is that we will need at least 50 of these. So, if you would like to be involved in this project, please contact Revd Cathy asap. Thank you.

Advent/Christmas Star (December)

Why not design, create of decorate a STAR to hang from your window from Advent through to Christmas? This will be a great way of reminding our communities that although Christmas might feel different this year, we are still very much excited by the coming of the Christ child and the hope he brought for all humanity. Feel free to send a photo to Revd Cathy for the benefice magazine, or share on whattsapp group.

Projects, Projects, Projects!

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