Dear all

Happy New Year! I trust you have all had a positive and peaceful Christmas and New Year break. May God uphold us all in 2021.

This week, after several false starts with techno problems, we eventually managed to worship together as we mark the Baptism of our Lord, revealing that the Christ-child we welcomed only weeks ago is Lord of all, Saviour of the world. And as we continue into this season of Epiphany, we are invited to reflect on the following…

  • How do we feel, when God looks at us and says “ you are my dear, dear child”?
  • Where are we asleep today, in our churches, our communities, our personal lives?
  • What might it take to wake us up?

A prayer for this coming week
Lord God, we pray that the Church
May proclaim with joy your message of hope for the world;
May our lives, as well as our worship,
Testify to the truth of the Resurrection;
broaden our vision of what is possible
Through new life in you.

Many thanks to all who contributed to today’s online worship event: Janet, Pam & Henry, Jean (readers); Kim (prayers); Malcolm and Richard for playing for us. Thank you to all who gathered for our online service.

Revd Barbara Sheppard

The Baptism of Christ
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