Dear all

This week, Judy brought us God’s word. She linked that beautiful Psalm 139, in which we are comforted by the knowledge that God knows us and loves us as we are, to the gospel reading about Nathaniel and Philip. She told us a short story of a shepherd who knew each one of the flock by name and their characteristics and spoke about the great Shepherd who knows us all better than we know ourselves. Jesus saw into the hearts of Nathaniel and Philip, just as God sees into our hearts which are full of all manner of varied emotions and he takes and accepts us as we are.

A prayer for this coming week
Lord God, we pray that the Church
May proclaim with joy your message of hope for the world;
May our lives, as well as our worship,
Testify to the truth of the Resurrection;
broaden our vision of what is possible
Through new life in you.

Many thanks to all who contributed to today’s online worship event: Brenda, for leading our worship, Judy for bringing God’s word, Brenda, Jaynie & Rose (readers); Jenny Roe (prayers); Malcolm and Richard for playing for us. Thank you to all who gathered for our online service.

Revd Barbara Sheppard

The Great Shepherd
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