Dear all,

This week, Brenda brought us God’s word. She spoke of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding at Cana. John said that it was through this “sign” that Jesus revealed his glory for the first time. John saw glory in Jesus. Glory is a big word meaning honour, dignity, and splendour. These words point to the deity of Jesus. It’s interesting how quietly this miracle took place but how many divine attributes of Jesus can be seen. Brenda gave us some questions to ponder on:

  • What is God asking of us today?
  • What can we offer when lockdown ends?

A prayer for this coming week:
Dear Lord, bless our week.
We know we will encounter challenges and pressure, but do not allow it to get to us.
Do not allow the bustle of the week to
become an issue of bad circumstance for us.
Cover us with the blood of
Jesus and help us with the desire to stay motivated.
Remember us through
this journey of life and bring us back home safely.
Bless the people we meet
on our way oh Lord.
Let them see us and rejoice in you oh God.
Let our lives
be a point of contact with you.
Let them appreciate you in our lives such that
they would want to be a part of our happiness.
Let us bring them closer to
you, our source of joy.
We know you have taken care of the week already.

Thank you Lord.

Many thanks to all who contributed to today’s online worship event:
Brenda, for bringing us God’s word, Richard, Malcolm & Jenny B (readers);
Rev. Barbara (prayers); Malcolm and Richard for playing for us.
Thank you to all who gathered for our online service.

Rev. Barbara

Jesus’ First Miracle
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