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Happy first day of the month! It’s incredible we’re now in March and spring is almost upon us. I do hope you managed to enjoy the weekend’s sunshine and caught glimpses of God’s ‘glory and hope’ as you pottered in the garden or went for a walk.

Yesterday, we marked the Second Sunday in Lent. Revd Barbara preached on our “being willing to make sacrifices so that the will of God can be fulfilled through our lives”. She reminded us that the measure of our ministry, love and compassion can be found in our sacrifice. Questions for us to ponder… What are we willing to ‘lay before the cross’ so that God might do a transformational work in our minds, hearts and lives as we lean into God more deeply? What sacrifice is God asking of us this Lenten season so that we might be his Love-Gift in our communities? May we move in faithfulness and have the courage to daily “pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.”

Take Up My Cross, by Phil Freeman

My Savior died upon a cross;
He bore my sin, He took my loss.
He left this word about the tree:
’Take up your cross and follow Me!’

If I would glory in His cross,
Live all for Him, count not the cost,
Then I must let this world grow dim,
Take up my cross and follow Him!

Oh Lord, I long like Paul to be
Dead to the world, the world to me;
My life a portrait of Your grace,
Your dying love upon my face.

Help me today my world to reach!
Your Word to share! Your claims to preach!
I thank You, Lord: You showed the way
‘Not my will, God, but Thine today!’
©1996 by Phil Freeman

Thank you so much to all who contributed to our online worship event: Revd Barbara (lead/preach); Jon, Kim, Jaynie (readers); Cathy (prayers); Malcolm and Richard for playing for us. We were blessed by your ministry, thank you. And, many thanks to all who came along to this afternoon’s worship event.

Revd Cathy

The Second Sunday in Lent
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