Dear all

Happy Fourth Sunday in Lent! Happy Mothering Sunday!

What a great joy and privilege it was to re-open one of our churches in the benefice, All Saints Church, this Mothering Sunday! It was such a special service where we celebrated the gift of mothers, motherhood and mothering, while remembering the many who struggle with this day for a whole host of reasons.

In our Mothering Sunday gospel reading we encounter three women who were either mothers themselves or took on a mothering role — Jesus’ mother, his mother’s sister (Mary the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene. Significantly, these three women are present in Jesus’ darkest hour, as they stood close to him near the cross. As I reflect on their mothering roles throughout Jesus’ life, in his earthly ministry, and in that moment of his ultimate sacrifice for all humanity, dying on a cross — I wonder if God doesn’t ask this of each and every one of us. In my mind, God calls all of us, in various ways, in different seasons of our lives to offer a ‘mothering love’ to people in need. Having lived most of my life apart from my natural mother (who is an incredible woman of God), I have equally been blessed by the mothering love of many men and women over the years. People who have supported and nurtured me on life’s journey. And, I am thankful that they responded to God’s call on their lives to be that mother-like presence in my life. This Lent, as we lean into our compassionate Mothering God, I wonder who God might be calling us to be a mothering presence to in these pandemic times of great anxiety and uncertainty?

We also had a blessed time of fellowship at our online service. Thank you so much to all who contributed to our worship event: Jaynie, Henry and Pam (readers) and Malcolm and Richard for playing for us! Many thanks to all who came along to this afternoon’s worship event. It’s always a privilege to fellowship together.

Revd Cathy

Happy Fourth Sunday in Lent! Happy Mothering Sunday!