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Happy Fifth Sunday in Lent!

On this Passion Sunday, we gathered this morning at All Saints Church and Revd Barbara Sheppard spoke on the theme of death. This was a timely reflection as we find ourselves marking a year since that first lockdown last March 2020. Many lives have been lost, many have suffered all manner of losses in this pandemic. For thousands, this has been a year of immense grief and sorrowing. So, as we continue our Lenten journey and prepare for Holy Week ahead, it was helpful to fellowship together, trusting in the knowledge that Jesus walks with us. Our resurrection hope lies in Him, the light who overcame the darkness.

At our online service this afternoon, Brenda Young (Lay Minister), reflected on the glory the world offers us as compared to the glory Jesus offers us. God’s glory is an ‘upside down’ glory — a glory that emerges through tremendous love and a sacrificial death. “Then a voice spoke from heaven, ‘I have brought glory to [your name], and I will do so again’” (John 12:28). As we press on in our Lenten journeying, will we bring glory to Jesus’ name, and will we embrace God’s ‘love that won’t let us go?’

Thank you so much to all who contributed to our worship event: Brenda, Jaynie, Rose (readers); Jenny R (prayers); and Malcolm and Richard for playing for us! Many thanks to all who came along to this afternoon’s worship event. It’s wonderful to be a part of this worshipping community of the faithful.

Revd Cathy

Passion Sunday – the Fifth Sunday in Lent
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