Dear Friends

Happy Third Sunday after Trinity!

“Who is this man? Even the wind and the waves obey him!” (Mark 4:41)

Today we also marked Father’s Day at our churches, offering God’s blessings on all those who are fathers, father figures or have fathering roles. We also remembered those who find this day particularly difficult for a host of reasons: fathers that have died, absent fathers, sick fathers, fathers that are geographically far away, fathers with whom we have a difficult relationship, and such the like. May all who struggle with Father’s Day know God’s peace, healing and love today and always.

A prayer for Father’s Day

Thank you, God, for all who show
a father’s love in our world.
Thank you for those who are special to us.
Be close to those who are sad today.
Help us know that you, our Father, are always close.
In Jesus’ name. Amen. (Church of England)

It was wonderful to have Sebrina Miller and her family (Steve, Zella and Zadie) worship with us in the benefice at St Barnabas Church. Sebrina preached at St Barnabas and at our Zoom service on Mark 4:35-41. She challenged us with these questions: ‘Do we fully know Jesus?’, ‘When was the last time we saw God working in our lives?’ and ‘Do we see God at work in our communities of Gorse Hill and Ferndale?’ It was good to be reminded by all Sebrina shared that God is here, in our midst, working in/through our lives as we serve our communities in Swindon.

Many thanks to all who contributed at our online worship event: Rose, Jean, Jenny B (readers); Brenda (prayers) and Malcolm (music). Thank you to everyone who came along to this afternoon’s service. May God bless you abundantly this week.

Revd Cathy


Please pray for the baptisms happening in July at St Barnabas Church – Travis (adult on 4/7) and Fia (infant on 18/7). Pray for the baptism candidates, families and friends, Godparents and sponsors. Also, pray for baptism team that will support this ministry. Thank you.

Placement Student – Sebrina Miller
It has been a pleasure and privilege having Sebrina on placement with us in the benefice. It’s been great to have Sebrina, Steve, Zella and Zadie worship with us at both All Saints and St Barnabas churches. We wish them well as they journey on with God at Trinity College and beyond wherever God leads them in their future ministry. Shalom and God bless!

Outreach Partnerships
Revd Cathy has now completed the Safe Families volunteer training and will be be-friending/coming alongside families in Gorse Hill and Ferndale through the Christian organisation, Safe Families. All Saints and St Barnabas are also now Resource & Prayer Friends. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for Safe Families, to support families in our local community, why not have a conversation with Revd Cathy.

Cathedral Poetry Competition
Why not get involved in the ‘Poetry and Faith: Conversations on Diversity’ poetry competition?
Whether you’re new to poetry, emerging or established – why not have a go? Your link to Bristol might be “being in Bristol Diocese”. Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, 30th June 2021. Please do share this competition widely.

Happy Third Sunday after Trinity!