Dear Friends

Happy Sixth Sunday after Trinity!

During our Sunday service at All Saints’ Church we reflected on persecuted Christians across the globe with specific examples from the Nigerian and Egyptian contexts. The bible passage (Mark 6:14-29) depicts that awful scene of the beheading of John the Baptist on account of John following the new Way of Jesus. There are still many people who are persecuted — beaten, imprisoned and beheaded — on account of their Christian faith.

Brenda Young (Lay Minister) at our online service spoke on the abuse and misuse of power. She gave the example of a positive use of power, making a stand for racial justice, as the England team have chosen to do through the gesture of ‘taking the knee’. It is distressing to note the racial abuse that our Black players of the England team have been subjected to since last night’s game. Sadly, we live in a society where people are persecuted on the basis of race, sexuality, gender, disability, and on it goes.

Though it is never easy to be bold and courageous in standing up to such injustices, we know that if God is for us, no one and nothing can be against us. We are reminded, as followers of Christ, that all power and authority belongs to God, the King of Glory. It is God who teaches us how to love people, to see Christ in ‘the other’. This is the beautiful gospel we proclaim, that testimony of an outrageously generous and compassionate love that seeks the humanity of all people.

Many thanks to all who contributed at our online worship event: Malcolm, Kim, Jaynie (readers) and Malcolm (music). Thank you to everyone who came along to this afternoon’s service. May God bless you abundantly this week.


Revd Cathy

Happy Sixth Sunday after Trinity!