Dear Friends

Happy Eighth Sunday after Trinity!

“The Lord is my strength and song” (Exodus 15:2)

How wonderful it was to sing (albeit with masks) at our churches on Sunday. In the joy of being able to worship the Creator again in song, there was a real sense of God’s faithfulness on our lives over this last year and half.

In the John 6:1-21 passage, we were reminded of God’s care and concern for humanity as we reflected on the feeding of the 5000. You may recall, Jesus had gone away up a mountainside to have some ‘downtime’ with his disciples. But he was followed by a large crowd attracted by his miraculous healings. Jesus having a deep concern for the people decided they needed to be fed. All that was available was a young boy’s five loaves and two fishes. And this was the stage for the miracle that was to happen.

This scripture story reminds us of God’s provision. It is also a call to use the resources God has placed in our hands to bless others. Who will you bless this coming week and how will you bless them? May you know God’s love and blessing today and in the days ahead.

Many thanks to all who contributed at our online worship event. We are thankful to Brenda who led our worship and to Mark, David and Malcolm who read for us. We really appreciated Malcolm playing for us. Thank you to everyone who came along to this afternoon’s service.



Upcoming in Autumn

Mission Action Planning Meeting:
Thursday, 9th September 10-11:30 pm (St Barnabas Church)
An opportunity to pray and reflect on how God might be calling us in the mission and ministry of our churches over the next 3-5 years. We will be welcoming Amy Williams from Crosslight to speak to us.

Ride and Stride:
Saturday, 11th September at All Saints and St Barnabas Church.
If you are able to volunteer to welcome visitors on the day, please speak to Jenny Roe or Julie Hailstone.

‘Regeneration Gorse Hill’:
Thursday, 16th September 7-9 pm at St Barnabas Church.
A meeting to share ideas on the possibilities of developing our St Barnabas Church halls.

Summer Reading Group:
In August/September you are invited to read Paula Gooder’s ‘The Parables’. You can purchase this book from Amazon.
We will have an informal discussion around Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 in September, as follows:-
• Tuesday, 21st September 10-11:30 am (Vicarage)… Chapter 6
• Tuesday, 28th September 5-6:30 pm (Vicarage)… Chapter 8

Cathedral Poetry Festival:
Thursday, 14th October 4:30-6pm at Bristol Cathedral. Date for your diary.

Happy Eighth Sunday after Trinity!