Brenda brought us the word this afternoon at our Zoom service. She spoke of decisions we have had to make throughout our lives. Some have been easy, some more difficult and some perhaps life-changing. in our Gospel reading we hear about Jesus’ followers and disciples who had to make a difficult decision as to whether to continue to follow him or not. We can always turn to God our Father, but if we don’t decide to follow Christ then who can we turn to.

Many thanks to our readers this afternoon, to Rose, Jayne and Brenda, to Mark and David for the prayers and to Malcolm for our music.

Revd Barbara


Coming up this autumn

Exploring Christianity:
Interested in deepening your faith? Why not sign up for the ‘Spirituality’ module on the Exploring Christianity course. Please speak to Revd Judy Ashby or see the course website for further details.

Mission Action Planning Meeting:
Thursday, 9th September 10-11:30 pm (St Barnabas Church). An opportunity to pray and reflect on how God might be calling us in the mission and ministry of our churches over the next 3-5 years. We will be welcoming Amy Williams from Crosslight to speak to us.

Ride and Stride:
Saturday, 11th September at All Saints and St Barnabas Church. If you are able to volunteer to welcome visitors on the day, please speak to Jenny Roe or Julie Hailstone. Further information about Ride and Stide

‘Regeneration Gorse Hill’:
Thursday, 16th September 7-9 pm at St Barnabas Church. A meeting to share ideas on the possibilities of developing our St Barnabas Church halls. Please be assured that this is a preliminary exploratory conversation. If you’re able to join us, please do come along! If you’re unable to attend on this occasion, perhaps you could commit to praying for us as a benefice as we seek God’s leading at the potential of developing our church halls at St Barnabas Church to serve better our friends, partners and communities. Thank you. Event poster

Summer Reading Group:
In August/September you are invited to read Paula Gooder’s ‘The Parables’. You can purchase this book from Amazon. We will have an informal discussion around Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 in September, as follows:
• Tuesday, 21st September 10-11:30 am (Vicarage)… Chapter 6
• Tuesday, 28th September 5-6:30 pm (Vicarage)… Chapter 8

Cathedral Poetry Festival:
Thursday, 14th October 4:30-6pm at Bristol Cathedral. Date for your diary. Further information.

Benefice Magazine:
Please note the deadline for the October issue is 19th September. This is a thriving ministry, so if you feel able to make a contribution, that would be absolutely fabulous! Please forward submissions to Janet Sullivan or Jenny Bassett. Thank you.

The Roots and Branch Synod (a Catholic Conference):
Might be of interest? See the Synod programme website for further details.

Call for volunteers at All Saints and St Barnabas:
Are you able to volunteer your time to serve the mission and ministry of our churches? We need people who might be able to offer the following:

• administrative support
• odd jobs in our church buildings and church grounds
• complete grant applications
• welcome at St Barnabas on Saturdays
• churchwarden role
• PCC member role
• choir member at either church
• working party to clean and tidy St Barnabas & All Saints (*Please speak to Jenny Roe and Revd Barbara Sheppard)
• serving teas and coffees at All Saints & St Barnabas (*Please speak to Jenny Roe and Jenny Bassett)

• next Saturday 28 August: could you spare some time to help us clear through the storeroom at All Saints? Boxes, vehicles and assistance are needed! Please speak to Revd Barbara for further details.

If you feel you have something to offer or would like further information, please have a conversation with a member of the Ministry Team or Churchwarden. Alternatively, you can drop Revd Cathy an email and this will be responded to in September. Thank you.

Happy Twelfth Sunday after Trinity!