Dear friends

Happy Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity!

Today Barbara talked to us about Jesus’ attitude to wealth & Poverty, following the question from the young rich ruler “How do I enter the kingdom of heaven?

She read a reflection from Tom Wright and also talked about how each of the two opposing states related to Christ:


  • Christ was born in a manger and he was part of a lower, or at best, middle- class working family
  • his earthly father, Joseph, was a manual labourer – a carpenter, a trade that Jesus himself apparently later adopted
  • at Jesus’ birth Joseph and Mary were poor enough to qualify to offer two pigeons at the birth purification ceremony, rather than the usual yearling lamb
  • during his earthly ministry, Jesus attended to and identified with many from the lower classes- including prostitutes, orphans, widows and other social and economic outcasts
  • during his ministry he apparently had no home, no land and no regular income
  • he borrowed a boat to preach from, food to multiply, a colt to ride on, a room in which to meet a pond even a tomb in which to be buried.

Conversely, the gospels demonstrate power and material wealth in Jesus’ life and ministry:

  • he frequently interacted with the religious elites, such as scribes, Sadducees and Pharisees, including Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea
  • he ministered to powerful and wealthy individuals such as the rich young ruler in our Gospel reading
  • he occasionally attended public parties and feasts.

There are two themes from his teaching: “believers must care for the poor” ( when we care for the poor, we imitate Jesus) and “wealth can be a spiritual stumbling block”.

Barbara pointed out that we, as a Benefice do care for the poor and marginalised in our generous support of the Night Shelter, the Women’s Aid, Swindon Foodbank & The Harbour Project, among other things.

She thanked Malcolm for the music; Rose, Pam & Henry & Malcolm for reading and Brenda for bringing us the prayers. Blessings to you all for the week ahead.

Notices for October

Services and Opportunities for Prayer

  • Saturdays 10-11 am: Private Prayer at St Barnabas
  • Sundays at 10 am:  Public Worship at All Saints and St Barnabas: We have resumed our normal pattern of worship on Sundays. All are welcome.
    We will celebrate Harvest at All Saints on 17th October and at St Barnabas on 24th October as part of our All Age Worship.
  • Alternate Sundays at 4pm: Online Service of the Word (via Zoom) on 24/10, 14/11, 28/11, 12/12. For login details, please contact Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara.
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9-9.30 am: Morning Prayer (via Zoom) Why not come along? It’s a fantastic way to start your day/week! For login details, please contact Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara.
  • Alternate Wednesdays at 7pm: Contemplative Prayer (held at All Saints or St Barnabas) An opportunity for a quiet reflective service. Scheduled sessions are: 20/10 (AS), 3/11 (St B), 17/11 (AS), 1/12 (St B), 15/12 (AS).

Social and Community Events

  • Fourth Thursdays in the month at 11-12:30 pm: Cuppa & Chat (via Zoom): An opportunity to time out and chill over a cuppa with friends. Why not invite a friend along? Scheduled sessions are : 28/10, 25/11, 27/01/22.  For login details, please contact Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara.
  • ‘Poppies’ for Remembrance Day: Calling all knitters and crafty creatives! Could you help us knit or create poppies for our November edition of the magazine and for all who will attend our Remembrance Day services?
  • Saturday, 16th October 10.30am to 12.30pm: Table Top Sale at St Barnabas Church Hall. An opportunity to grab a bargain!
  • All Saints and St Barnabas churches — a call for volunteers: Are you able to volunteer your time to serve the mission and ministry of our churches? If so, please contact Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara.

Events at Bristol Cathedral

Life Events

  • Funerals: Please pray for the recently deceased and their families, our funeral ministry team, Revd Barbara, Revd Cathy and Funeral Directors.
  • Baptisms: Please pray for families, godparents and sponsors preparing for baptisms at our churches.
  • Weddings: Please pray for couples preparing for their special day in 2022 as many have had their big day disrupted in so many ways over the last couple of years.
  • Confirmation: Are you exploring more about what your faith means to you? Interested in finding out more about confirmation sessions? Please speak to Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara. Thank you.
Happy Nineteenth Sunday After Trinity!