Dear friends,

“Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” (John 5:8)

Happy Sixth Sunday of Easter!

Revd Barbara Sheppard preached on John 5:1-11. The gospel passage encouraged us to reflect on the things we put off until our ‘as soon as’ mantras have occurred. We say to ourselves, ‘as soon as this or that happens, we will do this or that… and things will be better.’ I wonder what your ‘as soon as’ mantra is? What are you waiting for to happen, before you seek a deeper relationship with God? What are you waiting for to happen before you serve God more fully in the community? What circumstances are imprisoning us, so much so, that we are not living the abundant lives that God is calling each and every one of us into?

May you experience the love of God by the side of the pool of Bethesda. As Revd Barbara suggested, Jesus doesn’t necessarily change our outer circumstances, but he changes us in and through the circumstance. The life Jesus offers does not happen ‘as soon as’, it happens in the here and now. Whatever the struggle you’re facing, will you trust Jesus and “pick up our mat and walk”?

It was lovely to meet together at our online service this afternoon. Many thanks to all who came along and supported this worship ministry with bible readings, prayers and music.

Please find following notices for June. Lots going on across the benefice in the coming months, so please do stay connected.




Notices June 2022

  • Saturdays 10-12 noon: St Barnabas Church is open on Saturdays. Refreshments offered. All are welcome!
  • Saturdays 10-11 am: Choir Practice at St Barnabas choir. Why not come along and join in! All are very welcome.
  • Sundays at 10 amPublic Worship:
    All are welcome to our act of worship on a Sunday mornings at All Saints Church and St Barnabas Church.
    We continue to encourage the use of masks at our church services. Also we continue to take Communion in one kind (i.e. only the wafer).
  • Sundays at 4 pm, (Monthly)  — Online Service of the Word Meeting:
    Please note that the schedule for Zoom services is now monthly until further notice, the fourth Sunday of the month. Dates: 26/6, 31/7 (*On Fifth Sunday due to ‘Bring & Share Lunch), No service in August. Thank you to those who support this ministry, by coming along, those who lead, read, pray and play for music.
  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 am — Morning Prayer:
    Why not come along? It’s a fantastic way to start your day/week!
  • Wednesdays at 7 pm, (Fortnightly) Contemplative Service:
    An opportunity for a quiet reflective service. Please note that our Contemplative Worship is scheduled as follows… 8/6 (All Saints), 22/6 (St Barnabas), 13/7 (All Saints), 27/7 (St Barnabas),  14/9 (All Saints), 28/9 (St Barnabas), 12/10 (All Saints), 26/10 (St Barnabas).

Life Events:
Please pray for weddings, baptisms and funerals across the benefice. Pray for all the couples/families, and for the ministry teams involved in preparation sessions and visits.

    • Funerals: Please uphold, bereaved families, Revd Barbara, and Funeral Directors in your prayers.
    • Baptisms: Please uphold baptismal families and ministry team in your prayers.
    • Weddings: Saturday, 18th June (St Barnabas) – Cassandra and Craig.

Blankets/Care Bags: Calling all knitters and crafty creatives! Please continue to supply blankets and care bags for Treshold Housing and the Harbour Project. For further information, please speak to Revd Barbara.

Regeneration St B Hub: We have resumed conversations with the community about ideas and possibilities on the future of St Barnabas halls. This is an ongoing dialogue and period of discernment and we would value your prayers. Thank you.

Prayer Ministry: If you know anyone who would like to go on our Prayer Circle list, be prayed for at our Sunday services, and/or would like a phone call for a prayer — please contact Brenda Young (, our Lay Minister. Please note we do need express permission from people before they are put on any prayer lists. Thank you.

Pastoral Ministry: Please let Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara know if anyone would benefit from receiving a phone call or card from the ministry team (they do not need to attend church on Sundays, but should reside in the parishes of Gorse Hill and Ferndale). Many thanks.

Extended Home Communion: If you know anyone who would value receiving Holy Communion at home, please let Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara know. Thank you.

Harbour Project: Claire Garrett (CEO) has communicated how we as a benefice can be of help with creating ‘Care Bags’ to support the work of the Harbour Project. Please check our information page to see how you can help.

Dates for Your Diary

APCM Meetings:

  • Thank you to all who attended our recent APCM meetings, an opportunity to be updated on the ministry and mission of our churches. Click to read the Vicar’s report.

Messy Fun — Planning Meeting:

  • Thursday, 2nd June 7:15 pm (Barnies or Vicarage): Messy Fun planning meeting
  • Our next Messy Fun Summer dates will be: Tuesday, 2nd August (St Barnabas) and Wednesday, 3rd August (All Saints) 10-12:00 pm. If you’re willing to help on the day, please let Revd Cathy know.

Jubilee Events:

  • Edinburgh St Rec – Sunday, 5th June 11-2:15 pm: Picnic in the Park:  an ecumenical celebration organised by Gorse Hill Baptist Church. All welcome.
  • St Barnabas – Sunday, 5th June 12:30 pm: Jubilee lunch or tea. Please could you contact Jennifer Roe on 694166 or if you are interested in attending so we have an idea of numbers. Many thanks.
  • All Saints – Sunday, 5th June, 2:00-4:00pm: Swindon Brass entertaining outside plus fun stalls, tea, coffee, cakes & sandwiches. For more info, contact Rev Barbara.

Confirmation Service: Sunday, 12th June 2022 4pm (St Barnabas):
Interested in being baptised and/or confirmed, please speak to Revd Cathy or Revd Barbara.

Art in Church: Mission, Theology and the Beauty of God. Wednesday, 6th July 7:00-8:30 pm
All are welcome to this session, in which we will look at the Swindon Mural Paintings in St Barnabas. Click for further details and booking.

Summer ‘Bring & Share’ Picnic at the Vicarage:
You are all invited to a picnic at the vicarage gardens on Sunday, 24th July 12:30 pm. All are welcome.

‘Pilgrim’ Discipleship Course: Monday, 19th September to Monday, 24th October 7-8:30 pm (Venue TBC).
Interested in exploring more about the Christian faith? Interested in going deeper with God? If so, why not join in with this six week course which will “help you to understand your Christian faith and see how it can be lived out each day.” Please contact Revd Cathy for more information.

Notices for June