Dear friends

We had a lovely First Sunday in Lent service at All Saints Church where we welcomed Revd Dr Joshva Raja and his family, Rachel (wife) and Jessica (daughter).

Joshva has permission to officiate (PTO) in Bristol Diocese and will be assisting as part of our ministry team – a commitment of monthly or every other month in the benefice. He will also be available to support the wider deanery. Joshva works full-time for the Bible Society, so it is a real blessing to have his ministry with us when he is in the benefice.

This morning, Joshva preached on Matthew 4.1-11, the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. As we journey through Lent, Joshva invited us to reflect on three points:-

  • Choice: to be intentional in the choices we make as we draw closer to God.
  • Challenge: to be aware of the challenges that grant us an opportunity to grow in our faith.
  • Chance: to see life’s situations and circumstances as a chance to bless others.

We are thankful to Joshva’s ministry amongst us today.



Welcome to Revd Dr Joshva Raja