Anyone can be baptised at at any age – the only requirement is that you live in the parish where you are to be Christened/Baptised.

Services for Children

Christening (Baptisms) normally take place late on a Sunday morning but there is also the possibility of having your child(ren) Christened during the main Sunday service.

Baptism offers parents the chance to make serious promises to God about how they plan to bring up their child(ren) in the Christian faith. The minister sprinkles water on the child’s head and makes the sign of the cross on his/her forehead as an indication of membership in the world-wide Christian family. This is the same service previously known as Christening.

Services for Adults

Baptism is also available for adults. On occasion parents or potential godparents decide to get baptised alongside their children and we welcome this.


Christenings/Baptisms are normally held as shown below:

 All Saints

First Sunday of the Month at 12 noon*

Fourth Sunday of the Month at 12 noon

St Barnabas

First Sunday of the Month at 12 noon*

Third Sunday of the Month at 12 noon

N.B. * On the First Sunday of the month the Christenings are at EITHER All Saints OR St Barnabas 

It is our custom to Baptise children from one or two families on a Sunday.

To make an enquiry about a Christening, please contact:


Summary information on Christenings is available on the Diocese of Bristol website"


There is a Church of England website that contains much useful information: