St Barnabas church congregation is a diverse community, consisting of local Gorse Hill residents and those who live further afield. It is an all inclusive congregation and ethnic minorities are welcome. 

We meet regularly to worship God who created all things. We believe in Jesus Christ through whom we have the promise of an eternal relationship with God. We believe in the Holy Spirit who helps us to live flourishing lives that reflect God’s love.

Please feel free to join us at any of our services which are as follows:

Sundays all services are at 10 am 

1st Sunday of every month: Holy Communion Service. 

2nd Sunday of every month: Deaf church – this service is signed in British sign language but is spoken over for those who can hear. 

3rd Sunday of the month: Family Service with Holy Communion. 

4th Sunday of the month: All Age Worship – this service is very inclusive of children. 

5th Sunday of the month: A combined service with All saints the other Cher church in the benefice. This alternates between the two churches.  

Zoom services at 4 pm

Due to covid-19, there is an online service for those who are unable to attend the physical church services at this time. For more details please contact us. 

[Please note: In light of the coronaviruses pandemic, there may be changes to our patterns of worship. Please contact us for more information.]

We would love to welcome you at any of our services.