Revd Gill recently took part in the ‘Sunday’ Programme on Radio 4 to discuss a project to translate the Bible into British Sign Language.

In the programme, Revd Gill explains just how important it is for Deaf people to be able to access the Bible in their own, ‘heart’ language, BSL. She also discusses the challenges of translating the written scriptures into BSL, a visual language.

Revd Hannah Lewis, another contributor to the project, explains how using BSL in church services not only enables Deaf people to receive and take part in worship directly – but also enables hearing people to experience worship in a new, visual way, which often benefits their faith.

You can listen to the programme via the BBC Sounds website. Discussion of the BSL Bible runs from 21.00 mins to 29.36 mins.

A Holy Communion service is held in British Sign Language at St Barnabas Church on the second Sunday of each month. All are welcome.

Translating the Bible into British Sign Language